Séquenceur Thérapeutique Balboa

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Type of product: Balboa Therapy Sequencer
Make and model: Balboa includes 1 x Control System 1 x Panel and 4 x Valves
Power: Volts: 230vac
Hz: 50
Introduction: The Balboa Therapy Sequencer consists of a controller that opens and closes valves that supply water to four groups of jets. When these jets are strategically located in a spa they provide a sequencing massage therapy that enhances the spa experience and provides added value to a spa. The top side control panel for the system allows the user to start or stop the sequence choose from 9 sequencing programs select 1 of 3 sequencing speeds and pause at any point in the current program.
Compatible with: Any system
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Additional notes:

The valves in the system are intended to be hydraulically powered by a dedicated 2 hp or larger pump. This pump should not be used for other operational functions such as heating or filtering. You can use one valve for a group of 5 to 8 jets according to the diameter of the orifice.

The Balboa Therapy Sequencer is designed to receive electrical power from a Balboa Spa Controller that is configured to energise a dedicated output for the Therapy Sequencer when the appropriate pump(s) have been energised.

IMPORTANT: Each valve represents a programmed function and the Therapy Sequencer requires 4 or 8 valves to completely operate the sequences. If only 3 valves were installed there would be an inactive blank in the sequence as the Therapy Sequencer energised the blank output. Always keep in mind the hydraulic requirements to operate the jets. Make sure the pump will develop enough flow to operate all of the jets and be sure the suction fittings are rated to handle the proposed flow. If two pumps are required remember to consider the added electrical requirements as well as the added suction fitting requirements. Plan the jet layout in the spa and design the plumbing schematic to maintain a balanced hydraulic condition when all jets are operating.

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